Before You Arrive

Parking Lots Fill Early on Peak Weekends.

  • On summer and fall weekends, arrive early and consider carpooling.During the busy fall season, visitors may wish to consider alternate travel routes. For a list of options, click here.
  • Preserve members will not be able to park at the Mohonk Mountain House Gatehouse on busy weekends. Consider using the Preserve’s Spring Farm Trailhead instead.
  • Lots full? Don’t expect to park for long on the road: New York State Department of Transportation has posted ½-hour parking limits at the "Scenic Overlook" and "Hairpin Turn" located one mile north of the intersection of Routes 299 and 44/55 in the Town of Gardiner.
  • Solution: Use long-term parking lots at the Mohonk Preserve Visitor Center and at the West Trapps parking lot, located ½ mile and 1½ mile respectively from the intersection of Routes 299 and 44/55.
  • To help with parking, traffic in New Paltz, and to lighten your carbon footprint, consider using 511NYRideshare.

Plan Ahead for a Safe and Pleasant Visit.

  • Consider the length of your hike and the time you have before the Preserve closes at sunset.
  • Check the weather and dress accordingly.
  • Select a hike at the ability level of your group’s least experienced member.
  • Do your part: Day passes or annual membership are required to access the trails and carriage roads.
  • Keep this a safe and quiet haven: No glass, radios, or fires.
  • Help prevent plant damage and erosion: Stay on marked trails.
  • Mohonk Preserve prohibits the use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) otherwise known as unmanned aerial vehicles, drones, quad copters, radio-controlled model airplanes and/ or any other equipment of this type, on or above its property unless such use is approved through our permit application process.  Click here for more information.
  • Mohonk Preserve prohibits smoking of any kind anywhere on Preserve property. Click here to view our No Smoking Policy.

Bringing Your Dog?

  • Dogs are welcome to accompany you, but in keeping with our policies and New York State law, they must be on a leash and under your control at all times.
  • Leashes protect dogs from becoming lost and from wilderness hazards such as porcupines, bears, poisonous snakes, or sick, injured, or rabid animals.
  • Off-leash dogs often harass, injure, and sometimes kill wildlife. 
  • Unleashed dogs may also intimidate other visitors and their dogs, depriving them of the peace nature provides.
  • Tying a dog up at the bottom of a cliff while rock climbing does not constitute "under your control." Please consider leaving your dog at home while you climb or boulder.
  • A leashed-dog's keen senses can enhance your awareness of nearby wildlife or visitors.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the grounds of the neighboring Mohonk Mountain House, on Preserve carriage roads during cross-country ski season, or in any Preserve ponds or streams.
  • Please remove pet waste from the trail and carriage roads, which helps ensure a more pleasant experience for visitors and keep streams and other water systems clean.
  • Failure to leash your dog may result in a citation, impoundment, or revocation of Preserve use privileges.