Mohonk Preserve

Mohonk Preserve

Suggested Running Routes

To find a route of interest, see the name of the trailhead where the run starts and click on the trailhead link for information specific to that trailhead. Go to the Map and Directions page for general information. Pick up a free trail map at the trailhead when you arrive. 

A gentle run under craggy cliffs ...

See rock climbers tackle the cliffs above as you lope easily along the Undercliff and Overcliff Carriage Roads.

Route Description Key/Mileage Trailhead
From Trapps Bridge head north on Undercliff Carriage Road. Come to the junction of Overcliff Carriage Road after 2 miles and follow Overcliff Road back to your starting point. Easy, 4.7 miles round-trip West Trapps

Cool down on your way to the falls ...

Run a long, fairly flat, carriage road route, which takes you through a verdant hemlock grove -- cool even on hot days! The route also passes Awosting Falls, an awesome, 80-foot-high waterfall.

Route Description Key/Mileage Trailhead
From Trapps Bridge head south on Trapps Carriage Road. Cross the paved Lyons Road and continue on Trapps Carriage Road to the Minnewaska State Park Preserve border, where the road becomes Awosting Carriage Road. Follow this to the Awosting Falls. Return by the same route. Moderate, 7.5 miles round-trip West Trapps

Take the uphill challenge ...

Run a long, hilly route through an oak forest past the white cliffs of Bonticou to the summit of Guyot Hill on carriage roads and on fairly rough, cross-country, single-track trails. This run covers some of the route for the Preserve’s annual Pfalz Point Trail Challenge Fundraising Run.

Route Description Key/Mileage Trailhead

From the trailhead, head out on Spring Farm Carriage Road. Travel uphill about 2 miles and make a left on Bonticou Carriage Road. Pass Bonticou Crag and follow the signs for Guyot Hill at the Intersection of Bonticou, Cedar Drive, and Guyot Hill carriage roads. Go left at the first intersection, then right at the next 3 intersections. This section will take you in a loop up and over Guyot Hill, with great views of Bonticou Crag.

When you are back at the intersection of Bonticou, Cedar Drive, and Guyot Hill carriage roads (about 5 miles), take Cedar Drive and head downhill, staying on Cedar Drive until you see signs for Cedar Drive Loop. Bear right on Cedar Drive Loop and look for the "Ski Loop" sign on your right. Take the Ski Loop until it forks, bear right, and follow this to Farm Carriage Road where you go left. Farm Carriage Road takes you through the fields around Spring Farm and intersects with Spring Farm Carriage Road. A right on Spring Farm Carriage Road takes you back to the Trailhead.

Moderate to Strenuous, 9.25 miles round-trip Spring Farm