Mohonk Preserve

Mohonk Preserve



Glenn D. Hoagland, Executive Director
  Ellen M. Sticker, Executive Projects Manager

David H. Toman, Deputy Executive Director, Programs and Operations/CFO
  Bill Sticker, Associate Director of Information Technology
  Erica Seager, Accounting, Human Resources and Business Manager
  Kathy Gallagher-Palcic, Accounting and Human Resources Associate

Joseph Alfano, Deputy Executive Director and Chief Development Officer
  Eric Roth, Manager of Grants and Organizational Funding


Kathy Ambrosini, Director of Education
  Christy Belardo, Citizen Science Education Coordinator
  Cathy Shiga-Gattullo, Education Coordinator for Interpretation
  Anna Harrod, Education Coordinator for Public and Youth Programs
  Kim Tischler, Education Coordinator for Student Programs

Land Protection & Stewardship

Emily Hague, Director of Land Protection & Stewardship  
  Justin Key, Associate Director of Facilities and Grounds
  Anthony Greco, Associate Director of Carriage Roads and Trails
  Bill Koepplinger, Grounds Worker/Mechanic
  Ed Pestone, Land & Boundry Steward
  Andrew Bajardi, Chief Ranger
  Frank Tkac, Ranger/S.A.R. Specialist
  Roger Ennis, Ranger-Program Specialist
  Jon Ross, Associate Director of Visitor Services
  Ken Halpern, Visitor Services Assistant/Nature Shop Manager

Conservation Science

Dr. Elizabeth Long, Director of Conservation Science
  Christy Belardo, Citizen Science Education Coordinator
  Paul Huth, Director of Research Emeritus/Associate Curator
  Megan Napoli, Research Ecologist


Gretchen Reed, Director of Marketing and Communications
  Amanda Rogers, Media Associate


Elena Batt, Director of Membership
  Andrew Reynolds, Associate Director of Volunteer Programs and Special Events
  John E. North, Senior Development Officer
  Stephanie Smallman, Development Projects Manager