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Mohonk Preserve

Rock The Ridge Course Description


The Rock The Ridge course is set almost entirely on carriage roads. Although there is a significant amount of elevation change, the roads are wide and level in most places with gradual slopes, enabling a manageable course for those who choose to make completing the distance their primary goal. At the same time, the runnable surface of the carriage roads sets up well for seasoned endurance athletes who may be looking to make a good time or even set a 50-mile personal record.


Please note that the course is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. Any course changes will be posted prior to race day.

Leg 1 – Up The Ridge
(9.8 Miles)

  • Start at Mohonk Preserve’s Testimonial Gateway Tower
  • Continue up Lenape Lane, over Guyot Hill and past Bonticou Crag
  • Enjoy the breathtaking “Million Dollar View” of the Catskills
  • Finish at the Spring Farm Slingerland Pavilion aid station


Leg 2 – Across The Ridge
(14.8 Miles)

  • Leave Spring Farm and enter Mohonk Mountain House Grounds
  • Climb to Skytop Tower and take in views of the entire ridgeline
  • Return to Preserve lands on Forest Drive, Home Farm and Overcliff Carriage Road
  • Cross the newly renovated Trapps Bridge
  • Finish at Lyons Road aid station

Leg 3 – Summit The Ridge
(12.5 Miles)

  • Leave Lyons Rd and head into Minnewaska State Park Preserve
  • Pass Awosting Falls and climb to Lake Minnewaska
  • Continue climbing to Castle Point, the highest point on the course
  • Descend past Lake Awosting
  • Finish at Lyons Road aid station

Leg 4 – Rock The Ridge
(12.6 Miles)

  • Leave Lyons Road aid station
  • Cross Trapps Bridge and take Undercliff Carriage Road, passing by the Trapps, a world-famous rock climbing area
  • Head up Oakwood Drive, Kleine Kill Road and Duck Pond Road
  • Pass Duck Pond and continue down through the Foothills
  • Finish at the Testimonial Gateway Tower



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LEG 1 - Up The Ridge (9.8 miles)


Testimonial Gatehouse 301' 0.0
Mountain Rest Road 1120' 3.7
Cedar Drive / Guyot Hill Intersection 1052' 5.0
Slingerland Pavilion 687' 9.8

LEG 2 - Across The Ridge (14.8 miles)

Cedar Drive Bridge 850' 11.1
Skytop Tower 1538' 15.1
Rhododendron Bridge 953' 19.8
Trapps Bridge 1010' 22.2
Lyons Road 1135' 24.6

LEG 3 - Summit The Ridge (12.5 miles)

Awosting Falls 1286' 25.7
Lake Minnewaska 1640' 26.7
Castle Point 2185' 30.1
Lake Awosting 1978' 31.4
Lake Minnewaska 1640' 34.9
Awosting Falls 1286' 35.9
Lyons Road 1135' 37.1

LEG 4 - Rock The Ridge (12.6 miles)

Trapps Bridge 1010' 39.4
Rhododendron Bridge 953' 40.8
Forest Drive 1102' 45.2
Duck Pond 636' 46.9
Testimonial Gatehouse 301' 50






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