Rebuilding the Historic Carriage Roads

The network of more than 30 miles of carriage roads in the Mohonk Preserve serves hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, including hikers, bikers, climbers, runners, equestrians, and carriage riders. While making nature easily accessible, these roads also protect the surrounding fragile natural habitats through which they run. Deferral of restoration is no longer an option. These key roadways could soon be closed to the public because portions are crumbling; routine maintenance and piecemeal repair are not adequate long-term solutions.

The Preserve has developed a comprehensive plan for the restoration and maintenance of the carriage roads, including both immediate and long-term care of the whole system. The carriage roads located in the Northern Preserve—Spring Farm, Bonticou, Cedar Drive, Clearwater and Table Rocks—are most urgently in need of restoration and 8 miles of these are designated as highest-priority. This $1.3 million project will also provide endowment funds for long-term maintenance.