Mohonk Preserve

Mohonk Preserve

Naming Opportunities

Thank you for considering a commitment to the $5.5 million ridge-wide goal of the Campaign for the Mohonk Preserve. Successes to date have been overwhelming, and we cannot say “thank you” enough to those who have already made commitments. The generosity of so many has made it possible for us to look to the successes of tomorrow.

For those still considering their contribution to the Campaign for the Mohonk Preserve, we understand that recognition is not necessarily a motivation for support. However, with donor permission, we feel strongly that saying “thank you” publicly is vitally important. The Mohonk Preserve has established a recognition program that may be of interest to you as you make your final decision for support.

Are you interested in memorializing or recognizing a friend, family or organization? Either individually or through pooling your donations, you can choose to name one of the items listed here. The following represent those opportunities available. They are limited in number, so if you are interested, please contact Joe Alfano, Deputy Executive Director for Strategic Advancement, at 845-255-0919 ext. 1248, for more information.

    ➤ Adopt the oak alleé (naming of road) Marion L. Cubberley
    ➤ Ranger Station  
    ➤ Exhibit Hall in Visitor Center  
    ➤ Sensory Trail Sam and Joy Grafton
    ➤ Children’s Forest  
    ➤ New Orientation Theater*  
    ➤ Topographical Model with Interactive Reader Rail*  
    ➤ Outdoor Amphitheater  
    ➤ Access Drive  
    ➤ Kid’s Corner  
    ➤ Visitor Services Desk/Orientation Center M&T Bank
    ➤ Connector Trail between Children’s Forest and Sensory Trail  
    ➤ Sponsorship of the Orientation Film (PBS style) Jim and Mary Ottaway
  Norman Goluskin and Susan Scher
    ➤ Visitor Reception Gatehouse in Parking Area  
    ➤ Named Endowments  
    ➤ Interactive Naturalist Experience  
    ➤ Interpretive Signage for Carriage Road Restoration  
    ➤ Stairway Mural  
    ➤ Handicap Parking Area  
    ➤ Bonticou Bridge Interpretive Signage  
    ➤ Development Office  
    ➤ Outside Kiosk in Front Lot of Visitor Center  
    ➤ Rescue Training Room in Ranger Station  
    ➤ Head Ranger’s Office in Ranger Station  
    ➤ New Office Space next to Orientation Theater  

* Item is in a space that is currently named from previous campaign and will retain partial recognition.

Current naming conventions:  Parcels are named after the seller, i.e. if John Doe sells/donates a parcel of land to the Preserve, the parcel would be known as the Doe parcel. Sometimes a name is created for an assemblage of parcels, i.e. Giant’s Ledges. Bridges are named after what they are crossing or connecting, i.e. Cedar Drive Bridge, Good Fountain Brook Bridge. A trail or structure above may be named (e.g. The John Doe Access Drive).