Building the Endowment for the Future

The Mohonk Preserve is widely recognized as a cost-effective, lean organization. In keeping with nationally accepted budget recommendations for nature preserves, 25–30% of the Preserve’s annual operating budget should be covered by money from an endowment. To take the first step toward this goal, we seek to add $1 million to the Preserve’s endowment.

The Preserve is a financially responsible organization. With an annual operating budget of $3 million, it spends 81% of its budget on programs that directly further its mission. Its current invested corpus of $9 million allows for a small but sustainable source of annual income. However, this covers only a small fraction of the annual operating budget and leaves the Preserve’s operations vulnerable to economic fluctuations beyond its control.

Because each year the Preserve faces the challenge of raising almost all of its operating funds, it is difficult to expand programs and visitor services and to respond quickly to land protection opportunities and needs. An increased endowment will provide a legacy to sustain the Preserve through this century.