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May 2, 2017

By Geri Corey
The Chronicle

Goshen Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Terry Smallin is a man of strength. His latest test of strength is running the 50-mile endurance...
Mar 24, 2017

By Jane Anderson 

It’s not too late to sign up for Mohonk Preserve’s 50-mile endurance challenge. On May 6, runners and hikers will be lacing up their shoes to take on the fifth annual Rock...

Mar 11, 2017

By Gretchen Reed
Poughkeepsie Journal

As we head into March, we’re thinking spring at Mohonk Preserve! I asked some of our staff to provide their favorite signs of spring.


Mar 11, 2017

By John Ferro
Poughkeepsie Journal

The long-planned replacement of a popular pedestrian bridge in the Shawangunk Mountains is set to begin Monday.

Workers will begin...

Feb 24, 2017

by Sharyn Flanagan
Hudson Valley One

The best way to make friends with a porcupine? Offer the apple-loving critters a Red Delicious apple, which according to Melissa Gillmer,...

Jan 26, 2017

by Dr. Elizabeth Long
Poughkeepsie Journal

It’s the time of year when the human instinct is to “den up”: put on a sweater, eat some comfort food and huddle inside in front of...

Dec 15, 2016

By Dr. Elizabeth Long
Poughkeepsie Journal

As winter approaches, the weather becomes a major topic of discussion. At Mohonk Preserve, we’ve been focusing on the weather for...

Nov 16, 2016

by Cathy Shiga-Gattullo
Poughkeepsie Journal

While many people associate domesticated turkeys with the Thanksgiving holiday, our local wild turkeys are remarkable birds with...
Oct 20, 2016

by Paul Huth
Poughkeepsie Journal

I hear many say each year, like author J.K. Rowling wrote, “Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly!” And yet, the signals are there for us to...
Sep 21, 2016

by Vanessa Murdock
CBS New York



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