Mohonk Preserve

Mohonk Preserve

2015 Financial Highlights

Mohonk Preserve sees stewardship as a critical component of preserving the Shawangunk Mountains region for future generations. Stewardship has different definitions, even within the land trust community. The Preserve defines stewardship broadly to include much of what we accomplish year to year. Land protection, studying the ecosystem, applying conservation science-informed decisions to land management, sharing our experience with our colleagues, and educating our community so they can also steward our natural resources are all ways we fulfill our obligation to best care for the land. Each year the Preserve needs to generate a diverse range of revenue to support our stewardship efforts and to re-capitalize the facilities (including carriage roads and trails), and 2015 proved to be a positive year.

The Preserve’s 2015 operations concluded with a true net surplus of about $27,000. Memberships, day use fees, contributions, and grants all increased notably over 2014. Our special events also increased significantly, primarily due to the New York City Gala, directed to operations. Total expenses for the year decreased over $60,000 compared to 2014. This resulted from a decrease in legal fees, a sometimes unpredictable stewardship cost, and under-budget personnel expenses due to position vacancies, which have since been filled.

The Preserve’s $6.9 million in fixed assets (not including land) provide the facilities and equipment necessary to steward the land and to support all of our programs. In 2015, $681,000 was invested in stabilization of the Testimonial Gateway, engineering and planning for the Foothills and the Trapps Bridge, resurfacing the Spring Farm parking lot and restoration work on the Trapps Carriage Road, two replacement trucks, and a new roof for the Spring Farm House. Specific funds are able to be raised for some of these projects, but there is also an annual strain on the Preserve’s Mohonk Fund to support these critical stewardship needs. On an additional positive note, $500,000 was paid against debt during the past year.

The Preserve’s investment portfolio mirrored the market in 2015 and over $400,000 in unrealized loss was recorded compared to an equal proportion unrealized gain in the prior year. This is the primary reason for the loss in net asset value over the course of the year. Stewardship is an ongoing challenge to fund, but in 2015 the Preserve realized positive growth in support to help meet the demand. With your help we can continue to raise the resources needed to best steward the land for life.



Current Assets $1,948,365
Investments $3,846,864
Endowments $5,455,359
Land $6,270,209
Fixed Assets $6,866,566
Total Assets $24,387,363
Payables $429,287
Deferred Revenue $105
Note Payable $2,942,835
Total Liabilities $3,354,227
Net Assets $21,033,136
Total Liabilities and Net Assets $24,387,363